Providing Goods and Services to Persons with Disabilities
Stella’s is committed to achieving accessibility and meeting the needs and abilities of all. Stella’s values diversity and believes in inclusion. Stella’s strives to provide its goods and services and access to its premises in a way that respects the dignity and independence of its guests and employees. Stella’s is committed to meeting the requirements of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act.

Meeting Communication Needs
Stella’s will meet the communication needs presented by their guests and employees through training and by offering to communicate in different ways and taking time to understand and respond to what is needed. Signs, documents and electronic communication will use plain language and be easy to read. All publications will be available in alternate formats on request.

Assistive Devices
Persons with disabilities may use their own assistive devices when accessing Stella’s goods, services or premises and Stella’s will train its employees in appropriate interaction involving an assistive device. For example, staff will not touch or move assistive devices without customer’s permission. In cases where the assistive device presents significant and unavoidable health or safety concerns Stella’s will attempt to use other measures to ensure that the person can have meaningful access.

Support Persons
Stella’s welcomes support persons. Space is made available for support persons so that the guest always has access to their support person. Employees are trained to deal with both the guest and the support person respectfully, which includes addressing the guest directly unless requested by the guest to do otherwise. If confidential information may be discussed, Stella’s will obtain the guest’s consent to have that discussion in the presence of the support person.

Service Animals
Stella’s welcomes service animals in public areas. Emotional supports animals and any other animals are not permitted.
Stella’s understands that service animals are working animals and not pets. A guest or employee who is accompanied by a service animal is responsible for maintaining control of the animal at all times and may be asked to leave if the animal is not behaving. If it is not obvious that an animal is a service animal and there are concerns about the need for the animal to be accompanying the guest or employee onto the premises, Stella’s may ask what benefit the dog has been trained to provide.

Maintaining Accessibility Features
To ensure barrier free access to our goods, services and premises Stella’s maintains accessibility features so that they can be used as intended. Our accessibility features include:
• ground level entrances
• accessible washrooms
• automatic doors
• accessible parking where Stella’s has a parking lot
• having a table ready for a wheelchair without having to remove a chair
• keeping hallways, ramps and waiting areas clear of clutter
• keeping entranceways cleared of snow and ice
• automatic door openers for staff and public access to washroom and hallways
• ensuring the placement of standing signage is not a tripping hazard; and
• allowing space for mobility devices.
Stella’s organizes space so that there is sufficient room to accommodate people of varying sizes as well as those who use assistive devices, support persons or service animals. Alternatives to our accessibility features include ordering food or drink to take away.

Notice of Service Disruptions
If Stella’s ability to provide accessibility features is disrupted, Stella’s will provide notice of that disruption including the reason for the disruption, the anticipated duration and whether there are other ways to access our goods, services and/or premises. The notices will be provided by posting in conspicuous places including at the point of disruption, at the main entrance and the nearest accessible entrance to the disruption, and if appropriate on the applicable website. We will also verbally advise guests when they are seeking a reservation and contacting guests with existing reservations. Services/Facilities that are affected by this policy include the accessible washrooms, and automatic doors.

Feedback Process
Guests and others affected by Stella’s accessibility features and practices are encouraged to provide feedback so that barriers can be identified, and concerns responded to. Persons providing formal feedback will be advised that their request is being reviewed, when they can expect a response, and what, if any action will be taken in response. Any communication needs of the individual will be respected in these responses. Actions taken in response to feedback will be documented by Stella’s.
Stella’s invites feedback in the following ways:
• Discuss – ask for the manager on duty,
• Contact us by phone,
• Email –

Training is provided to employees during orientation and thereafter. Employees will be coached to handle sensitive situations keeping in mind the following:
• How to interact and communicate with people who face barriers to accessing goods, services and
premises, use assistive devices, are assisted by a support person and/or are assisted by a service
• How to use any equipment or assistive devices that are available on-site;
• An overview of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act, The Human Rights Code (Manitoba) and the Guest
Service Standard;
• Stella’s policies and practices, including updates or changes.
Feedback on Stella’s accessibility features and practices is addressed in regular health and safety meetings.