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We pour, steam & create

A barista position at Stella’s embodies the perfect mix of all Front of House duties. From preparation of cappuccinos to mojitos, processing all take-away orders, and coordinating all aspects of bar to kitchen flow, baristas are the pivot of the Stella’s operation. Because of their extensive training and experience, baristas are typically the most likely to move on to server roles.

We train:

  • 100% working knowledge of espresso based drink preparation
  • bartending skills
  • full expediting skills for all food items
  • to exceed expectations of sincerity, friendliness, and willingness to please
  • to participate in a healthy, inclusive, fun environment for all
  • health, safety and hygiene guidelines and regulations
  • merchandising skills

You are:

  • communicative
  • approachable
  • earnestly passionate
  • tireless
  • organized
  • detail oriented
  • coachable
  • respectful & kind

You have:

  • a great smile
  • €˜Serving It Safe’ certification
  • an appreciation for the value of learning
  • team-oriented mentality

If you are interested in this position, please apply here.